24 August 2005

camp casey

First thing that comes to mind when I think of Camp Casey is this blow job I got coming outta the gate at Casey one day. One of the girls I knew from the ville inTDC had wrapped herself around an alley corner, and beckoned me as I walked out the gate. She grabbed me by the hand and led me back to her hooch through a maze of stinking back alleys. In her room, she summarily shoved me onto her bed, threw herself on me and went to work. Even for Korea, this was a rather what-the-fuck-over experience. We didn't exchange a single word the whole time. When she was done, the tissues came out. I pulled my pants up, still a little in the zone. Parting was uncomplicated under the circumstances. I was about out the door and it started.




"PAY? For what?"

"Pay." There was insanity in her eyes and a threatening undertone in her voice. Maybe the insanity was in the eyes all along. I just chose not to see it. I didn't pay and there was violence and cursing and shoving and a laundry bucket full of water was thrown at me but I got out okay and I never heard about it again. Every now and then we'd cross paths in the ville and she'd give me one of those glares that you usually get walking around downtown Seoul. Whatever.

When I think of Camp Casey I think of drunken nights and whore mongering and dipshit clubs with heehaw names like Mojos and the Las Vegas and the Rendezvous. I remember TA50 Alley and getting stopped by angry MP's sure they had a bust because the place was notorious and totally off-limits to U.S. forces personnel, and I started screaming at them in German, really slurring it for the effect. Telling them I was a Russian and who-the-FUCK did they think they were demanding some ID and secretly glad these maroons weren't patrolling with KNP's.

When I think of Camp Casey I think of everything that was good and pleasurable and exciting and a release from the drudgery and dullery and routine of the Army. I only remember the total anarchy in the ville. I only remember losing myself completely. That's all that's worth remembering. So when somewhere in the background of soldiers mumbling to each other I overheard 'Camp Casey' I perked up right away and the memories tumbled out all at once. And then some confusion. They were muttering about the president, and fucking soccer moms, and something or other going on in Texas. Political shit. I rolled over and got back to chasing those Z's.


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