12 October 2005

out of order

Out of order? This whole stinkin' BLOG'S OUT OF ORDER!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consistently fuckin' excellent :o)


12 October, 2005 02:22  
Blogger Diane S. said...

Civil disobedience is the assertion of a right which law should give but which it denies.

- Mahatma Ghandi

13 October, 2005 18:29  
Blogger Sara said...

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! Hang in there, dude. Life really is good out here. I'm so fucking grateful I escaped. Good luck!

14 October, 2005 11:02  
Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

This is some of the best writing I've seen in ages. I'm already addicted. I've blogrolled you.

Keep your shit tight and your head down, man.

14 October, 2005 12:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, I would be impressed except something here doesnt ring true.
whispers of conspiracy to get
all the little hippy minds all worked up.
I guess the question is, when are you gonna launch your career?

14 October, 2005 23:33  
Blogger Diane S. said...

I think the carreer is launched. The real question is: When does the blook come out?

15 October, 2005 15:55  
Blogger american short-timer said...


Now THIS... THIS is what I've been waiting for. Anon. Friend. Bro. Comrade. I been waitin' for you man. Where ya been? I been spouting off for ten weeks and NOW you decide to get the itch? THAT's discipline bro.

You hear WHISPERING you say? Lemme reassure on that whispering shit. When I hear whispering, especially when no one around me hears it, I go with it. I fuckin' RUN with it. 'K? In fact, MOST-a-da-shit on this blog was inspired by some fuckers whispering to me. TRUE yo.

And something doesnt ring TRUE you say? What? Empirically? Ontologically? Metaphysically? Rationally? Someone promised you TRUTH clickin' your way through here? 'S that what they promised you? Hope you kept the receipt for your money-back guarantee. Seems to me you have a solid case on that refund.

On that note, lemme tell ya how friggin' godDAMNED glad I am the fact-checking TRUTH-squad resolved to insert its olfactory organ into the bytage. You say Ausweiss Bitte, here you go sarge: I'm an asshole, a liar, a commie, a pinko, a motherfucking faggot, a traitor, a coward and a fraud.

Seriously though, was there something in the sidebar not clear? Was there a typo somewhere? Did I mispronounce? Misquote? Mistype? Embellish? Omit? Delete? Fabricate? Manufacture? Brief? Debrief? I'm prone to all of those and guilty of most and fugitive from some, and more. And less. And none. You see that? You see that? The words just come pouring out. Bad case of Tourette's I tell ya. Don't know when to shut up for my own good. Or the good of the cause. Doesn't help much that I can actually type like a mother-effer....

But TRUTH? Not in this curvature of the space-time recontinuum my friend. Just another entertainment option. But thanks for the shout-out. Oh and hey, can you post something in reply? I wanna get this commenting-thing going', ya know, like a real blog within the blog type-a-thing. Get folks to start clicking through here just to read the bickering and catfighting and sniping and heroic denouncements of hippies and faggots and commies and freedom-hating pacifists. All I've gotten so far are comments from well-mannered sincere nice people who mean well and wish me the best and enjoy the writing and the message, and frankly, it's a goddamned shambles. Soon as people see like, 34356 comments under a post, I can start catering to the commie-bashing, long-hair hating, frothing-from-the-nostrils mobs. But be sure to flash your reenlistment papers at the door, cause when we start comparing ball sacks online, I broker no shit. Only TRUTH will suffice. Cause TRUTH is very important to me. TRUTH is.

But hey! in all TRUTH, this is just to light a fire under this anemic goddamned LETHARGIC comments section and get this baby up-an-running. Commie-haters, pinko-bashers, fact-checkers, flag-waivers, are CORDIALLY invited to engage in an orgy of denouncement and fecal hurling. Won't always have time to contibute to the ejaculatory opinionating though, I have PEACE rallies to attend to, trees to hug, global warming readings to give, candles need lightin', that typa shit. Scented candles mind you. I'm very particular about my candles, being from the left coast and whatnot. Ah sigh, so many causes, so little time. CAUSE, as you may have gathered from the writing, I'm a big believer in causes.

An aside though... next person I catch throwing the word 'truth' around, or any derivative of it, is gettin' his comments summarily goddamned environmentally-friendly-like recycled. Far as I'm concerned, TRUTH is ALLAH spelled fuckwards.

15 October, 2005 17:14  
Anonymous Annaleah said...

Hi. Im a highschool student in columbus ohio and I am involved in writting an editorial about soldiers points of view regarding the war in Iraq.

if possible could you please answer these questions for me?

*do you believe that the war was justly started, and had an honest motive?

*why did you choose to be deployed? financial,beliefs,ext.ext.

if you choose to answere these questions could you please email them to me at lilgingerQt@aol.com

thankyou so much, i really appreciate it!

16 October, 2005 10:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for responding! if i am allowed to i will gladly post a link in my schools newspaper. we are a divers school and i assume that some kids are interested in a military career, and hopefully your point of view will make them think their decsisions threw.

i dont think you need a parental advisary. i like the honesty you express. (then again im a 17 year old and i love to cuss :) so i cant say my opinion is completly helpful)

thanks for you time!


17 October, 2005 09:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

diverse **

not divers haha..wow..

17 October, 2005 09:10  
Anonymous Matt said...

great post.

24 October, 2005 11:10  

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