07 September 2005

who knows

"No matter how much wisdom one possesses,
he will not be able to interpret my teachings,
since even I can not understand what I mean."

- Uyeshiba Morihei


Anonymous Sal said...

I was laughing for ten minutes! Funny stuff, considering the circumstances.

09 September, 2005 08:44  
Blogger american short-timer said...

Thanks for the feedback. Hey, talked to any recruiters lately about defendin' the ol' red-white'n-blue from evildoers by any chance? Never mind... thought it was worth a try.

Peace! (through bigger-assed guns)

12 September, 2005 01:07  
Blogger Barb said...

Sal may have laughed, but i've read this twice, and it almost makes me cry. best..barb

28 September, 2005 04:03  

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