09 September 2005

a word from the short one

Received an email inquiry on the full text of the short-timer's Code of Conduct. The copy posted here is a scanned redacted copy for wider dissemination. You can access the document via the orginal 27 August post, the page banner, or any of the links.

Also... american short-timer, in association with the Air Mobility Command, is offering FREE one-way airfare to the wonderful sunny city of Baghdad to the lucky person who can guess which part of the code was redacted, and why. One submission per person. Contest is indefinitely open. Please contact american short-timer for further details. If winning contestant is already in Baghdad... well, you have my sympathies bro.

Oh, word of advice. I done googled the anwser, and google's got NOTHING on this one. You're gonna have to go old school guys.

That's it. I'm rackin' out.


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