19 October 2005

who's on first

More specifically... what the fuck?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the poor LT. :) Keep safe.

19 October, 2005 23:09  
Blogger charlie said...

I don't feel in the least bit sorry for the LT. This made me laugh my socks off (but darkly!). More greatly excellent stuff from short-timer in best lampooning mode. But as with anon's comments: keep safe!


20 October, 2005 05:03  
Blogger cs said...

as usual they're still giving the O's one more shot than needed....look out bubba, you're next...roll your sleeve up!

20 October, 2005 12:14  
Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

I feel sorry for all butterbars. Still, I bet that guy crapped his pants when you informed him that someone was actually listening to his bullshit metaphors in the rah rah rah speeches.


20 October, 2005 12:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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19 November, 2005 21:44  

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