14 June 2007

from the Hagakure...

When I was young, I kept a "Dairy of Regret" and tried to record my mistakes day by day, but there was never a day when I didn't have twenty or thirty entries. As there was no end to it, I gave up. Even today, when I think about the day's affairs after going to bed, there is never a day when I do not make some blunder in speaking or in some activity. Living without mistakes is truly impossible. But this is something that people who live by cleverness have no inclination to think about.


Blogger julie anna said...

Amen to that. Glad to see you posting your thoughts again. They always take me on a screwed-up-yet-makes-perfect-sense-ride.

15 June, 2007 02:50  
Blogger Blank Snag said...

Money, get back.
Im all right jack keep your hands off of my stack.
Money, its a hit.
Dont give me that do goody good bullshit.
Im in the high-fidelity first class traveling set
And I think I need a lear jet.

15 June, 2007 05:37  
Blogger TheUsualSuspect said...


Once again, giving a voice to the shit we're all thinking. You've got your thumb on the pulse of this nation. Keep it up. Get your voice out there as much as you can. Its abrasive and unapologetic, no sugar coating, no bullshit. Keep on it.

17 June, 2007 15:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey...You're BACK! Geez, don't do that again. Waiting for more...

03 August, 2007 08:42  
Blogger Guts said...

When I was sixteen years old, I sucked my basketball coach's dick. I did it because I loved him.

19 December, 2007 23:25  
Blogger NUGHT said...

touche.... a clever knock on cleverness....

03 April, 2009 07:14  

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