16 June 2006

change of heart

Feeling deeply the difference between oneself and others, bearing ill will and falling out with people--these things come from a heart that lacks compassion. If one wraps up everything with a heart of compassion, there will be no coming into conflict with people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, bartender.. I'll have what he's having...

16 June, 2006 13:36  
Blogger Mrs. Asshead said...

Thank fucking god...now when's the book coming out?

17 June, 2006 02:11  
Blogger Sara said...

Two games that aren't any better for all the high scores: arena football and cricket. That oughta be enough reason to not change the game. But then, I love soccer. I just fuckin' love it. It's halftime of the US game and I'm pacing around my house like a madwoman, already two beers already down and it's barely afternoon.

Welcome to your first real summer vacation! May this comment find you sufficiently hammered....

17 June, 2006 13:00  
Blogger julie anna said...

Glad to see you posting again, Short-timer!

17 June, 2006 15:54  
Blogger Barb said...

a-fucking-men, AST.

19 June, 2006 05:34  
Blogger The Statistics said...

Glad you made it home alive. Welcome to the next battlefield. See you in the trenches,

the heretic

19 June, 2006 06:14  
Blogger Guts said...

Welcome home... Glad the motherfucker didn't scarf you up...

19 June, 2006 11:11  
Blogger Diane S. said...


I'm trying to wrap my mind around this. You are home? I mean, really, actually, motherfuckingly home? In digs complete with a mattress, a flat screen TV and an occasional actual woman?

Oh man! I am SO FUCKING HAPPY FOR YOU! Shit. I may have to go get sloshed tonight in honor of your return to the land of the mattress.

If you're ever in the Texas Hill Country, I'd love to buy your a bottle of whiskey.

Fuck a duck, man. Home.

20 June, 2006 10:22  
Blogger Goddess Cassandra said...

Oh thank godless!

After you hadn't posted, I was certain that you were dead.



20 June, 2006 18:30  
Blogger charlie said...

Welcome home AST. The Esacpe Committee approved your plan then?

21 June, 2006 10:09  
Anonymous Matt said...

Good to have you back, AST, and even better to see you in such fine form.

21 June, 2006 10:45  
Blogger Puma said...

Yes, welcome to the next battlefield indeed.

*emails you a bottle of Jack and a picture of her tits*

Just kidding. Really. *snort*

Dump it out on paper, cuz it's what you do best. Me and 185,987,945 other Murkins will buy it.

21 June, 2006 17:01  
Blogger Puma said...

Ok, so I didn't actually email the Jack. I am drinking it.
That should have read:

"me and 185,987,945,677 Murkins will buy it."

21 June, 2006 17:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back. I hope you're out PERMANENTLY. Welcome back to the world and keep posting.

22 June, 2006 12:00  
Blogger Snag said...

Glad to see you out safe and doing what vets do. Good luck on that Pulitzer man.

26 June, 2006 19:16  
Blogger Me said...

Good to see you out of the danger zone.

27 June, 2006 00:21  
Anonymous Earl said...

Yee haw. Hope yer enjoyin' them little yeller bastards over there in little yeller bastardville. Email me more often, 'cause I'm out now too mofo.

Yer Pal,

27 June, 2006 10:55  
Blogger Jasond315 said...

I'm very relieved to see you posting again, and from the US! welcome home, and drink more.

13 July, 2006 12:16  
Blogger TheUsualSuspect said...

God knows if you'll even see this, as old as the post is, but I figured this would be a quintessential post to elaborate on how much I love the fucking insane "Eat my ass you piece of shit, I honestly couldn't give a fuck" style of writing, and how effectivey and INFECTIOUSLY it comes across.

When people compliment anything I write, I kinda hesitate to take it all in. I accept my mediocrity. Buzzell had a very casual way of writing where everything fell into place, where my shit is completely hit and miss.

But dude, you're in a totally different ballpark. I don't want to suck your balls or anything, I'm sure you've received plenty of praise, and if not, then fuck everyone so far who has never taken the time to send the least bit of feedback. I would totally rip your style off if I wasn't such a stubborn prick.

Spot on.

14 October, 2006 07:38  

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