13 July 2006

learn well

There are many men who give lessons in the world, but few who are glad to take them. There are even fewer that take heed of them. No one over the age of thirty takes to lessons kindly. Therefor such men will become selfish, allowing themselves to be fooled by errors and end their life in vain. You should accept lessons. Being on intimate terms with a person who is well versed in reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you don't care now, ast? Hmm??? Ha! A likely story.

13 July, 2006 11:47  
Blogger Barb said...

Spatulas, eh?

when you go for the slotted spoons, you may have an issue.

14 July, 2006 04:36  
Blogger julie anna said...

The other day my husband mentioned the burnt bodies hanging over the Strykers and how he can still smell them, and how he just might not re-enlist this time around.

I hope you have somebody who can help make it better. Or at least take your mind off things for awhile.

14 July, 2006 11:49  
Blogger Guts said...

don't kid yerself, AST...
like the old man said,
"to sit in a small room
and drink a can of beer
and roll a cigarette
while listening to Brahms
on a small red radio

is to have come back
from a dozen wars

17 July, 2006 08:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey checked in to see if anything new got posted. Glad to see you are back and ok AST. I'll raise a beer to ya. Have a good one!

17 July, 2006 13:34  
Blogger Puma said...

Yeah sure he doesn't care. That's why he just wrote about it see, because he doesn't care.

We all have been sitting here on our asses and changing the channel the whole time, and we want to make snippy comments at him for taking a break and enjoying the same damned thing? Not.

We need this articulation. We Americans need it bad. Speaking of which, isn't it nice, now, how the entire country of Lebanon is now called "Hezbollah" by the fucking American press? I am choking on the hypocrisy.

19 July, 2006 19:13  
Blogger The Statistics said...

"what a better way to say "I love you than with a spatula"."-Weird Al

"Yoooooouuuuuuu get to drink from the fire hose"-Wierd Al

The struggle is an every day affair to tune out and save my sanity or tune in and save my soul.

the heretic

24 July, 2006 12:40  
Blogger Sara said...

Hey man, glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. YOu fuckin deserve it, man. I'm in Ireland, doing archaeology during the day and spending the night listening to Irish music and guzzling beer and whiskey. I'm in fuckin' heaven. And then I picked up a paper...... big fuckin' mistake. The world is ending, so in the meantime I intend to drink, frolic and forget about it.

26 July, 2006 11:40  
Blogger Diane S. said...

Buy the spatulas. Let the world turn without you for a while. You've earned it.

@ guts, who wrote that? It's a fabulous quote.

04 August, 2006 21:09  
Blogger Guts said...

Charles Bukowski -- "a horse with greenblue eyes"

07 August, 2006 16:48  
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