27 October 2005


And it was gone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Encyclopedia Horrifica indeed, but consistently outstanding AST!

27 October, 2005 07:14  
Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Holy crap man.. you gotta stop reducing me to tears. The image of Twister handing out his muchies to terrified toddlers who just had their whole world unwound... god damnit. I don't know how anybody ever manages to unwind that emotional shit from their brainstem, when all the screaming and the fighting and the dying are over and you come back to the world.

No wonder guys from the Nam look off into the distance like they're seeing something I'm not. They are.

27 October, 2005 13:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read this post, on one hand I'm amazed at how good the writing is, and on the other hand, realizing what you had to experience first hand before you could share it... A little comment from me saying 'good job' after all that seems so totally lame. Not sure what to say dude. fuck. I'm at a total loss with coming up with any kind of comment that even comes close to describing how good this site is. Thanks for sharing with us.

27 October, 2005 18:47  
Anonymous Julian said...

Wow man this is powerful stuff. Sometimes with all the explaining away that goes on, you start to wonder what's so bad about the war anyway. This reminded me.

Maybe this is just me but I've noticed that you shift bewteen story telling an almost lyrical way of writing it's good stuff. Good stuff.

27 October, 2005 20:33  

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