30 September 2005

wiggin' out

Offensive and sexually explicit content removed.

28 September 2005

head-chopping shit

In the practice of past times, there were instances when the
head flew clean off. It is said that it is best to cut leaving
a little skin remaining so that it doesn't go off flying in
the direction of the verifying officials. However, at present
it is best to cut clean through.

- from Hagakure

24 September 2005


Die Wahrheit wird nur
durch die Vereinigung
der Gegensa"tze erreicht.

- Okakura Kakuzo

20 September 2005

word to the wise grasshopper

It is said that becoming a dead man in one's daily living is
the following of the path of sincerity.

- from Hagakure

17 September 2005

ode to sincerity

'As everything in the world is but a sham,
Death is the only sincerity.'

- from Hagakure

16 September 2005

...is all I ever do

"To calm one's mind, one swallows his saliva. This is a secret

- from Hagakure

13 September 2005

apply yourself young man

It is said that even after one's head has been cut off, he can
still perform some function.

- from Hagakure

12 September 2005

to sleep is best of all

At first it is an oppressive thing to run until one is breathless. But it is an extraordinarily good feeling when one is standing around after the running. More than that, it is even better to sit down. More than that, it is even better to lie down. And more than that, to put down a pillow and sleep soundly is even better. A man's whole life should be like this.

-- Shida Kichinosuke

09 September 2005

a word from the short one

Received an email inquiry on the full text of the short-timer's Code of Conduct. The copy posted here is a scanned redacted copy for wider dissemination. You can access the document via the orginal 27 August post, the page banner, or any of the links.

Also... american short-timer, in association with the Air Mobility Command, is offering FREE one-way airfare to the wonderful sunny city of Baghdad to the lucky person who can guess which part of the code was redacted, and why. One submission per person. Contest is indefinitely open. Please contact american short-timer for further details. If winning contestant is already in Baghdad... well, you have my sympathies bro.

Oh, word of advice. I done googled the anwser, and google's got NOTHING on this one. You're gonna have to go old school guys.

That's it. I'm rackin' out.

07 September 2005

who knows

"No matter how much wisdom one possesses,
he will not be able to interpret my teachings,
since even I can not understand what I mean."

- Uyeshiba Morihei

05 September 2005

gamble and lie

"Go ahead and gamble and lie. A person who will not tell you
seven lies within a hundred yards is useless as a man."

- Yamamoto Jin'emon

04 September 2005

sometimes things don't go the way we like...

Matsudaira Izu no Kami said to Master Mizuno Kenmotsu, "You're such a useful person, it's a shame that you're so short."

Kenmotsu replied, "That's true. Sometimes things in this world don't go the way we would like. Now if I were to cut off your head and attach it to the bottom of my feet, I would be taller. But that's something that couldn't be done."

- from Hagakure