29 October 2005

fresh men

's about the size of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

IN WW1 in the UK, there was a famous recruiting poster featuring Lord Kitchener, pointing at the viewer, and the words: "YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU". It was noted at the time that it did not say: "YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS ME."

30 October, 2005 00:02  
Anonymous susie said...

my son nate was stationed at a base near baqubah, w/an idiot for a sgt. mjr-
this guy but in 5 speed bumps from the front gate, till the main hospital, even
tho they were the primary hospital base in the area. if an officer wants you to
salute him, outside, say- sniper -check and watch them flinch.

30 October, 2005 12:32  
Anonymous susie said...

dear short, how short? glad you made it thru the c-f, sorry you all and the
locals had to go thru it. how bizarre, to go from full-on battle, to doing
jumping- jacks, whoa! glad the front guy pulled himself up short. love, susie

30 October, 2005 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's F**** great bolg!! Keep it up shortie!

31 October, 2005 15:28  

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