04 November 2005

please don't do this

Dude dude DUDE you're posts are all gone?! Are you okay?! Is everything okay?! Are you in jail? Have you been arrested? Shot? Shanghaid? Tokyoed? 86ed? Done in? Done for? Chaptered out? Dude dude DUDE... what-the-FAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWK over?! You okay and all?

Whatever you do, don't do that.

Owing to ongoing logistical fucked-upness, keeping up with the Joneses and making the blog more hip and more phat and more with-it and adding visual and audio and tactile and servile and purile and juvenile content has proven... a real bitch. So shit's being simplified.

That's it. That's all. Simplify. Clearing out the old. In with the new. More vapid. More vacuous. More meaningless. More's the better, is what the word is. More more more of less less less.


Anonymous Janie said...

I giggled...I teared up and felt so sad.. and giggled again. For someone who's not there *grin* you are doing quite well, but then you are a short-timer....and then again I'm just a civilian.

How many MASH episodes have you watched by the way?

05 November, 2005 11:14  
Blogger charlie said...

"Has anybody ever told you you're crazy?"

hahahahahahaha - you and me both AST :o))))))

take care


06 November, 2005 05:04  
Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

"Has anybody ever told you you're crazy?"

Yes. But only crazy people tell me that.

07 November, 2005 08:46  
Anonymous Charles said...

Dear Short-timer,

Just wanted to share with you, while I've combed through your page forwards and backwards and really can't figure out what the story is, to my regret, your site is superbly written and thoroughly enjoyable read. Keep up the good work!

07 November, 2005 17:02  
Blogger Devon said...


Speaking from a psychologist-in-training standpoint, you are absolutely correct. PTSD can't be diagnosed until 30 days after the stressor/traumatic event occurs. It's predecessor, Acute Stress Disorder, can't even be diagnosed until after the stressor is over.

Drop me a line or a comment on http://www.livejournal.com/users/drd2be if you have any questions...

08 November, 2005 09:28  
Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Devon - if it can't be diagnosed until after "the event" occurs, what if the trauma is an ongoing, unending nightmare of violence and destruction?

So by that definition, car wreck can give you PTSD but a freaking five to ten year war can't, until 30 days after it's over. Handy, that.

09 November, 2005 10:54  

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